Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Can you put roosters together in a pen with no hens and they won't fight?

Is it true that you can do this? Do they have to be completely isolated from a pen with hens in it. Can there be another rooster in the pen with the hens? Do they have to be out of sight, sound or smell of the hens?
yup thats right.. I have 6 roos they are free range during the day..and "they go home at night" locked up in a hen house with no hens..they don't fight..they have wars to see who is louder!..outside once in awhile they b i t ch at eachother but nothing to really speak of..

when you do get hens make sure you get one for each roo and 2 extra! because believe it or not roos pick favs and man you can tell the hen looks rode hard and put away PLUCKED! ha ha ha.
We have 10 laying hens and 2 roosters most of the time they all get along they get penned up at dark
I depends partly on the breed of your roosters. Some are much more aggressive some will get along fine
You can put several roosters in the same pen and will get along good. I would not put any more than 2-5 roosters in the same pen.
my roosters get in fights if we dont put them on teathers atleast 2 feet away but some of the roosters are nice so they get put in a pen with 4 hens and another rooster. They don't have to be completely isolated if thats what oyur thinking they don't.
Most any combination of roosters and hens can get along together if the chickens grow up with each other. However, if you add a newcomer to the bunch. The group will pick on the chicken that was added to the group. Chickens will also pick on whichever chicken they think exhibits a sign of weakness in the group.

So really they are about like children. They pick on the new kid and they pick on the weak kid.

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