Monday, May 24, 2010

do dolphins eat sea weed?

They're strictly carnivores.
no way dolphins don't eat sea weed.
no,they eat fish only
There are so many different type dolphin I was not sure what one you wanted, so I picked the Bottle nosed dolphin

In the wild, they feeds on squid, shrimp, eels, and a wide variety of fishes. In some waters, bottlenoses habitually follow shrimp boats to consume what the shrimpers discard or miss. They often hunt as a team, herding small fishes such as menhaden ahead of them and picking off the stragglers. They have been observed to chase fish onto mudflats, then slide out of the water to seize their prey.

In in the event you did not want this one I have posted a link to a site that will list several for you,

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Do dogs have sex with cats? And why can't they make kittuppies or puppittens?

It can happen that dogs and cats have sex (my grandma had a rather small dog once and a larger cat and the dog decided he liked how the cat looked.this was an event I witnessed, so I know it CAN happen).

As for making "kittuppies" or "puppittens"--that doesn't happen because dogs and cats have different number of chromosomes and therefore cannot breed with one another. One of the most common examples of "mixing" is with horses and donkeys, which can mate to make mules, which still are infertile because of the mixture of different species.
no they dont, its unnatural.
Because they are different species it's genetically impossible for that to happen.
no.they are genetically different incompatible species and cannot mate
Do you have sex with your dog? I hope not! It is out of the species.
Cute names but No, it doesn't work that way. It is genetically impossible. Just ask a Horcow or a Cowhor LOL
they can and it would be cool never seen it but if it does happened let me know if a horse and a donkey can and a cow and a bull so can a cat and dog
I don't know if dogs and cats have sex,

but for sure, your parents are cousins, and they have sex!
they might try but no they dont it would not be right to breed them
Hmmmmm. like me saying do u have sex with your pet gerbil!!
There is a cartoon called 'Cat-dog' on the television.

It's hilarious. I know lots of 'adults' who watch it regularly!

Shows what a cat-dog would look like and the problems it might encounter! lol
It's called the yuck factor alone.ewww
Are you kidding me? Although kittuppies/puppittens is pretty funny!!
Hi 6th, LOL You are a piece of art.LOL.. You cannot breed a cat and a dog together.They are completely different in genes and everything.You really made my day.Thank you for the laugh.

in the real world thats not natural.and it just doesnt work that way!
Genetics. Their DNA isn't similar enough. Dogs and wolves can, coyotes and wolves can, ect. But dogs and cats can't. That doesn't stop an overly excited male dog, though. He'll mount anything he can reach.

do dogs get 'charley horse' type cramps?

i have a 10-month old sheltie-border collie cross. she occassionally limps on a back leg for no apparent reason. we didn't notice an injury take place. sometimes she'll stand up and whine and not use that leg. could it be a cramp or past injury creep up or could it be something more serious. there don't seem to be any other symptoms.
Border Collies are prone to hip dysplasia.I'm not saying that that is what's wrong, just sayin it would really make me wonder if it is.get your dog to a vet now.

Below are some sites with info on hip dysplasia:

The following link is to a vitamin for doggy joints and from what I've read it's wonderful.
It could be a joint problem or a bone spur. You should have a vet take a look at it.
get him checked out. something might be wrong.
Does this always happen to the same leg? If not and happens to differant legs it is called wondering lameness and can be caused from growth spurts or growing pains and seeing the age of your dog this is very possible. My Akita would do this in the hind legs as well and she grew out of it. She also would play hard and go into these spins like a bull and I think sometimes she would pull or strain a muscle. I rescued her cause she lived her first 4 months in a cage and I believe she was under developed and weak. I use to put on roller blades and have her go w/me and make her do an extended jog to strengthen her w/o exerting her. This help her out alot. But its best to have a vet take a look for she might have a pinched nerve.bone spur.inadequate diet causing deficiency or an old injury and might need muscle relaxers. Its always better to be safe since this may cause long term problems like arthritis or perminent nerve damage. An untreated nerve injury can not be repaired. Also it could be a hip dysplasia and she lays the same way all the time and then she hurts. Good luck.

Do dogs and cats see in color or just in shades like black & white??

I'm pretty sure it's black and white but they are much smarter and have other way better senses then us humans. Dogs have remarkable hearing, and cats see much better in the dark. Isn't that amazing?
Hi,,, black and white,,,,, is what i have read.

good luck
They see as we do but in black %26 white not color. Also, their depth perception is probably better then ours.
not sure about cats but i believe dogs see only in b/w
They can distinguish most colors.
no dogs can see very bright colors of pink and cats can too
Dogs have fewer of the cones and rods, the parts of our eyes that allow us to see colors, so it's believed that they may be "colorblind" just like people who can't distinguish colors very well but still see them.

Cats have more cones and rods than dogs, and they have done some studies by offering cats different colored bowls and only one with food in it, etc., that show cats can tell the difference between colors, but they really don't care much.
This of course has been debated! I feel they do. As some dogs who were taught colors, And you could mix every thing up and you could tell them the color you wanted and they went to get it!
Dogs see only in black and white, cats can see shades of colors, not as well as we can.
I know that cats can distinguish some colors.Like some greens,purples and probably ultraviolet colors.I'm sure it's the same for dogs also.

Do dogs and cats have souls?

My dog has some very human qualities such as being extremely spoiled and stubborn. I am just curious as to what you think.
Any creature that their only reason for living is to protect and or comfort you, have souls They are animal souls and therefore incabable of lying or deceit. Unlike their human companions they do not jeopardize their souls, so there is a special place for them in heaven.
i think Cats especially do dogs do too
yea, duh.
i think they do!
I think they do.
It's vain to think we are the only beings with a soul.
I don't believe so.
dogs are just like humans..of course they have souls!! my dog has feelings about certain things we do.we know how hes feeling by the way he acts.also, one time one of my dogs got runovered and died, his brother was howling and was so0o0 sad!!
They have to have souls.have they ever given you one of those sooo human looks like; I am in pain or I am happy. Dogs each have their own personalities just like people. They have to have a soul because I want to come back as one in my next life.Like you said, they are spoiled. at least mine are too!
Not according to Christians.
Which is another reason I'm an atheist.
no and you will burn for that hell fire just kidding
ask them!
yes I do and I one day hope to be reunited with all of my favorite friends, my dogs and cats!
I've often told my husband that our male poodle Snowball who has lived with us since November of 2005 at the age of 3 months isn't like a dog to me, he acts like a little boy. I've only heard him bark at the left next door neighbor (she's a witch). To us he makes noises, kind of like Snoopy would make. A loud yawning/complaint like noise when we're ignoring him (according to him) and a grumble noise when he doesn't get his way. Our newer dog who is a female poodle is more like a dog to me, she barks to get our attention.
I think it is somewhat ludacris to think that only human beings have souls - - or to think that only animals who act like humans (as you said your dog does) have a soul. Humans are the only creatures who commit genocide, drop bombs, wage war etc. Is this the criteria for having a soul?

I think every living thing has a soul.
Well Tracy, I for one don't believe in souls, but you said it, your dog has some "human" qualities, that may be because life is one and we all share so many things in common, like genes, for example. millions of years of evolution.. Monkeys, Dolphins, to name a few, also show "human" qualities don't they? So, just try to love every creature, be nice to them, and you'll see how beautiful ALL life can be. Even plants! Sometimes they react to your actions, like when you water them, speak to them (that's because you're giving them extra carbon dioxide, which is their food! although that's a lot less poetic, sorry)

You don't really have to believe in souls and things like that, but it's fine if you do.

Things are beautiful and perfect just as they are. Enjoy!
Yes because they bring so much joy into our lives.
no, though they do have feelings.
Some people BELIEVE no but it isn't a direct answer. it depends on what that person BELIEVES in. i BELIEVE that animals have souls.
Animals have a spirit of life and sometimes very human qualities, but do not have a soul in the sense of life after death. I do believe that God certainly has the power and authority to breath life back into an animal and believe that I may possibly see my pets again some day in heaven. In the meantime, they sleep.

Do dogs and cats have E.S.P.?

On two occasions I have been in my bedrom when my dog has acted very strangely. The first time I was sitting on the edge of the bed, the dog came in the room and started to growl and bark. She was staring straight past me at the wall. The curtains were closed so it could not have been a bird or squirell outside the window. The hair on the back of her neck was up as if in attack mode and she would not acknowledge me when I tried to calm her down. This went on for about a minute. The second time was at about 11 at night and she stared to pace, and growl and bark and once again she would not acknowledge me. And this time it went on for about 5 minutes. Has anyone ever had something like this happen to them.? Just curious to hear some feedback.
well, how do you correlate this with ESP?
My dog barks in the middle of the night and it scares the crap out of me because he must be hearing someone outside! haha. but i have learned he can hear the slightest of things, maybe a car door slam down the street.

BUT. i must say I think my old dog sensed the 1994 bad earthquakes back in northern cali. She started running around and underneath things, whining. and then like a minute later the big earthquakes.

I have heard that dogs can sense that. and either she did or it was coincidence
Dogs have extreamly good hearing. She probably just heard somethng that you couldn't. However it's also possible that your dog has a mental disorder. If this keeps happening then maybe call a vet for a recomendation.
i kinda have - sometimes my dog acts really strange and starts growling and staring out the window and there's nothign there. i don't know. but i have also heard animals can sense when natural disasters are about to happen.
Like humans all animals have the penitential of such feats in theory.
im not sure about dogs but i believe cats do, my cat has been scared to come inside ever since we moved house and i know that it is haunted

Do Deer lose their antlers every year?

Male white-tailed deer grow and shed their antlers every year. Antlers are composed of true bone. Antler growth begins in late March or early April and the growing bone is covered by skin with numerous blood vessels (velvet). In late summer and early fall, testosterone levels increase. This hormone elevation results in the antlers hardening and the buck rubs off the drying velvet. When testosterone levels begin to drop, antlers start to shed beginning in mid January. Deer that are in the best physical condition will lose their antlers later in the winter.
yes, unless they are stuffed and mounted
after someone shoots its maybe
Yep. deer shed their horns once a year and regrow them in about 2-3 weeks. This usually takes place in the summer time.
Yes. White-tailed deer, mule deer, elk, moose..the males of these species all grow antlers and shed them annually. The following year's growth is typically larger than the shedded antlers.
just the males
Yes, the males have them and each winter, they drop and spring they re-grow them and add length to a branch of the rack or begin to grow a new branch.
To be sure you have the answer you need, be more specific about the species you are thinking of. Lot's of critters are sometimes called "deer" depending on where you live.

Be aware of the difference between antlers and horns.
yes they shed thier antlers every year and regrow them they fall off in late december re grow in early april unless they have been injured or something they may not lose them
Yes, unless they have been castrated. In that case their antlers just keep growing little spikes, looks like a tumble weed on their head.