Monday, May 24, 2010

do dogs get 'charley horse' type cramps?

i have a 10-month old sheltie-border collie cross. she occassionally limps on a back leg for no apparent reason. we didn't notice an injury take place. sometimes she'll stand up and whine and not use that leg. could it be a cramp or past injury creep up or could it be something more serious. there don't seem to be any other symptoms.
Border Collies are prone to hip dysplasia.I'm not saying that that is what's wrong, just sayin it would really make me wonder if it is.get your dog to a vet now.

Below are some sites with info on hip dysplasia:

The following link is to a vitamin for doggy joints and from what I've read it's wonderful.
It could be a joint problem or a bone spur. You should have a vet take a look at it.
get him checked out. something might be wrong.
Does this always happen to the same leg? If not and happens to differant legs it is called wondering lameness and can be caused from growth spurts or growing pains and seeing the age of your dog this is very possible. My Akita would do this in the hind legs as well and she grew out of it. She also would play hard and go into these spins like a bull and I think sometimes she would pull or strain a muscle. I rescued her cause she lived her first 4 months in a cage and I believe she was under developed and weak. I use to put on roller blades and have her go w/me and make her do an extended jog to strengthen her w/o exerting her. This help her out alot. But its best to have a vet take a look for she might have a pinched nerve.bone spur.inadequate diet causing deficiency or an old injury and might need muscle relaxers. Its always better to be safe since this may cause long term problems like arthritis or perminent nerve damage. An untreated nerve injury can not be repaired. Also it could be a hip dysplasia and she lays the same way all the time and then she hurts. Good luck.

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