Monday, May 24, 2010

Do bunnies sleep with their eyes closed or open?

I bought my bunny yesterday. sometimes he just sits for hours without moving (his eyes are open) then stretches out. Was he sleeping? do bunnies sleep with their eyes open?
closed. but they can go into this state where they go into like a trance. what happens when they do this is that the brain goes into a half sleep state. it's like they are asleep but not asleep. in the wild the advantage of this is that they are not completely asleep so that they can get away from predators in a hurry.
Your bunny is in touch with his metaphysical side, and he is practicing rabbit yoga.
I'd check his pulse just in case.
Bunnies are very aware of his or her surrondings. Mine will sit like that for hours but I know she is awake because I watch her, watch me :)

They sleep with their eyes closed but when they are in the zone it almost looks like they are asleep with their eyes open.
No bunnies sleep with their eyes closed, I wouldn't really worry about it, it's prolly just thinking!
they sleep with their eyes closed, but they relax for hours just sitting there. they are not energetic creatures.
i personaly have had bunnies and no he was not sleeping bunnies sleep with ther eye closed he was just looking to make shur he was safe trust me
It's both.
I can tell you most assuredly they sleep with their eyes closed.
I used to raise and breed them for competitions.:)
the sleep with their eyes shut but since you just got him and it is a new home he was probably scared to sleep but in a few days he will sleep
Closed, I think. yeah I'm almost certain. yeah closed. final anwser.closed.. Oh, by the way, I have never seen a bunny stretched out, they were always relaxing/ sleeping upright. If it is stretched out, I think it might be ..sick.
They sleep with their eyes closed. Mine will lay her head down and flop her ears to the side when she is sleeping.
Its not unusual for a rabbit to sleep with one eye open. They are prey animals and are always alert for possible predators invading their space. They have a very thick coating over their eye so dust and debris that would bother a human eye will not bother a rabbit as often, thus they also don't blink as often as we do. So don't worry if it looks like she might be sleeping with an eye open, once she's comfy she'll usually close both her eyes and sleep.
Yes, your bunny is probably sleeping. Rabbits are what is called crepuscular, which means they are most active at twilight and dawn and sleep during the day and night. We have 3 bunnies and two always sleep with their eyes open and one has her eyes half closed. I think this is for a couple fo reasons:
rabbits are prey for most other species so they are always on guard. I notice that the one that sleeps with her eyes at half mast does so when her bonded partner is sleeping with his eyes open.
They also have a 3rd eyelid (see which protects the eye and it may look like the eye is open, but the not entirely.

since you are new to bunnies, here are some links that you may find helpful:

Good luck and have fun with your bunny
Bunnies sleep with their eyes closed. But they often go into bunny trances. I think they could probably tell us the meaning to all of life's questions with all that meditating they do. if only.
I have 7 rabbits and they each vary in their little attributes.
My french lops tend to sleep with their eyes open whereas my dwarf lops close theirs.
%26 my continental giant is either or! My rabbits also tend to sleep upside down and they look dead so much so that i have to shout their names to wake them
They sleep with their eyes closed but sometimes during the day they just lay there with their eyes open where they are just daydreaming and relaxing!
No, bunnies sleep with their eyes open. When mine was a baby, i would hold her in my arms and she would fall asleep, and of course her eyes were closed. Then as for the staying still for hours, mine does that too.

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