Friday, May 8, 2009

can you give a hamster a bath?

NEVER EVER PUT THE HAMSTER IN WATER! Get a small bowl, and an old SOFT toothbrush (or a new one you dont plan to use.. cheap ones work wonderful!) dip the toothbrush in the water, and brush it over the hamster.
A hamster can not be bathed in water as it would deplete their coat of the
natural oils need to sustain the integrity of their fur. I would suggest
chinchilla dust in a bowl and they will crawl in there and bathe
themselves. You might try Google and read what
others have to say about this as I have never had this type of problem.
Be sure to get the sand as the dust can be too
fine for their respiratory system.

yes in very very shallow water.with a spray hose on very very softly
yes thanks 4 2 points ha ha lol
Yes you can give a hamster a bath. BUT I would only do so if they were extremely dirty or had something sticky on their fur. Test the water first to make sure it is not too hot or too cold. Use a very mild shampoo (in the UK I would recommend Johnson's Baby shampoo) try to keep it away from the eyes. Then rinse and then using clean water (tested for temperature) rinse again. Then dry carefully in a towel and finish drying using a hair dryer. When using the hair dryer leave one hand between hamster and dryer to ensure that it does not get too hot. You may need to comb the fur as it dries. If the fur is not bad I would not bathe a hamster they don't usually need it.
Sure, just fill up the tub and chuck him in. He'll love it!
I suppose you could, but I would advise AGAINST it. Hampsters are very clean animals - depending on how clean their cage is kept - you could risk giving your hampster pneumonia or make him ill.
yes do it in the sink use a cup to rinse him and use dog shampoo.
You don't need to give hamster a bath..They will clean themself up!
no - unless you want to kill it
Why would you want to?
sure, but i'm not sure he'll know what to do with it
I dont think you should try.
i guess you could use some dry shampoo for pets. i have to for my dog. he hates water and gives me that "DONT TOUCH ME" growl when i try to hose him down.
in extremely shallow water..or with a spray bottle.I'd use a moist wipe or a baby wipe.cause it's already got disinfectant for cleansing.
They don'e like to bath,they prefer to shower.
My friend does it every once in a while. She doesn't use soap though. When I had a hamster I never gave her a bath because she cleaned herself. I don't see a reason to bath one but if it gets really dirty maybe. The thing is they could get pneumonia and die.
yes you can but do not get it in there eyes or mouth
fndfhgjkdsfh yes
i wouldn't cause if they catch a draft that could kill them
NEVER give a hamster a bath! It strips them of the natural oils in their skin, and they could die from it if they get a breeze and are not dry totally. My old hamster died from this, I gave her a bath, and two days later she was sick and then died. PLEASE do not give your hamster a bath!!
NO. u should never bathe a hamster except in an emergency situation such as if they got into oil or something dangerous. they can catch cold easily %26 die. they do a pretty good job of cleaning themselves and should be allowed to do so.

girls are a little smellier than boys some days but it's just natural.

they do not love to swim, like water, nor should they be put in a tub of water. some of these people have obviously done no research %26 just want the points for a guess.
DO NOT LISTEN to any of the idiots who say it is ok. if u do u r putting your hammie's life in danger.

give more info as to why u would like to---such as did u see mites? has he got into something?
yes. pet shops sell critter bath powder.
Why is everyone saying yes?? NO! Hamsters are not only aquaphobic but water can also strip their skin of essential cleaning oils.
yes you can! well at least partially.Rub water and a bit of rodent soap.They even sell stuff at the pet store Just watch the temperature of the water. . And make sure they're ears don't get wet or at least to wet!Dry them off as best as they wont get sick or get there bedding stuck to them.Oh and Don't do it unless it is absolutely necessary(a cold may get worse and not have a nice results and he might get dry and scratchy skin).GOOD LUCK
The best way to bath a hamster is to dip them in a dip called enduracide II, this dip kill fleas, ticks and mites, and is very safe to use on small pets.
Hi Trish,
This seems to be a question that is frequently asked here on Yahoo Questions. Here's a quick link to all the times it's been asked and answered

the short version is: NO. Normal healthy hamsters should not be bathed.


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  2. yes, you can give hamsters a bath, well, sort of dont listen to those idiots who say you cant i gave mine a bath because she smelled like she just came out of a cows tird you can use dry shampoo used for cats,sold at petco and petsmart just put some on a cloth and rub it down or you could take hand soap(no exfoliating crystals)and VERY, VERY gently rub your hamster with it or take jhonsons baby shampoo and do the same.thanks for reading!!!!!!

  3. you are an idiot if you put a hammie in water

  4. i knew it did but knowone beleived me !!

  5. Use dog shampoo really its a hamster not a DOG dog shampoo is ment for DOGS! Baby shampoo or dawn dish soap very littke though.

  6. What if your hamster cuz I have that problem so I've heard of cat flea and tick shampoo?? Plz help