Friday, May 8, 2009

can we tame a caracal?

YES!! Of course you can tame a caracal, they make good pets to, they are one of the easiest wild cats to tame. I recommend going to for all your exotic cat/caracal needs, and join my group, wild_cats_and_caracals
Do you mean a CARACOL, a slug?
I don't think so.
you can probably tame them to a degree but as with all wild animals you will never know when their wild instincts will take over and cause you grief.They were trained by Indian nobility to hunt other animals .this practise is however banned in a lot of countries,They are the biggest of the small cats and are closley related to the lynx
It is physically possible, however there are many disadvantages to owning one. Imagine having a 3 month old caracal (who is the size of a regular house cat already) going through it's "kitten phase". It wouldn't be climbing your curtains, it would be ripping them off completely.

There are many breeders (that are licensed) of caracal's. Just do a search on exotic pets, caracals and you will find more information.

They can be quite devilish I have heard, and hard to give to another owner when the luxury has worn off.
this is an extremely strong cat, stick to tabby cats and you will be a lot happier
I truely believe wild animals need to be left in the wild. In there natural habitat.
The jungle is a constant. It is proved, things from Africa cannot be tamed..including humans..just watch the evening news.

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  1. Wow! Johns a big racist. Posted at three in the mourning too. Guess you just got back from your clan meet n' greet.